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About Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson's interests include: structuring personal “art systems” employing rules and strategies to track small thoughts and imagining. This approach looks to engage with the politics of looking and making to explore connections with an audience. The work is both reflexive and reflective to highlight situations and objects often using extensive series of images to display the versatility of image production. This serialising and capturing of experiences places importance on “almost nothings” and “wee thoughts”, as the moments of extreme clarity that sustain art practice and its theoretical development. These interests aim to promote drawing, painting and making art, not simply as skills or fashionable commodities but as thinking tools.

In Conversation with(8)…a Play

IN CON 8 1

A 2 Act play in the form of a meeting about writing a play, as a play.

IN CON 8 5



in-con6-duchampIn Conversation with(6)…Neil Ferguson, Peter Bromley & Matthew Vincent-Townend.


Saturday 12th November, 4-8pm, Sunday 13th November 2.30-5.30. Discussion 4-5.

DuchampING will be an interactive art event forming part of the documentary film, “Vous pour moi.”, involving Bromley, Ferguson & Vincent-Townend currently in production. DuchampING will be making your own Duchamps.

IN Conversation is in Ivy Road, Brockley,London SE4 1YR.




In Conversation with…(5)


In Conversation with…(5)

Neil Ferguson, Maciej Blazejewski & Fred Vernon.


Saturday October 1,2016. 3.00-8.00pm

Sunday October 2, 2016   2.30 – 5.30pm, Discussion, 2.30-3.30.

“Episto-graphing” encourages the need for drawings to be compiled and collected from a population of logically illogical thinking that may be too complex to be accurately classified, or too easily dismissed as nonsense?

THERE WILL BE a £5 charge for an Episto-graphing booklet.