Neil Ferguson In Conversation with (1)…Fred Vernon Open Discussion

Neil Ferguson In Conversation with (1)…Fred Vernon

Sunday 18th October, 2.30 to 3.30.

Open Discussion.

Working collaboratively on the production of an artwork arguably requires specific rules  to be laid down and roles adopted to allow decisions about the work to be  made.

These rules initially form a working understanding, perhaps a place to go back to? But what compromises are made and why?

Teamwork and collaborative working is regularly the norm in the wider fields of the arts and so the discussions will focus on the work  produced for the event to consider the implications of collaborative thinking and selection.

The discussion further aims to consider where compromise and restriction takes place through censorship and self-censorship in it’s production.

What rules of censorship are applied to images and style?

What is the form of their construction?

How does style censor?

Do images offend?

What images are allowable and what are not?

Is censorship inevitable?

Are forms of self-censorship inevitable?

What approaches to art language become important in dealing with perceptions of censorship and self-censorship without becoming self-censoring obstacles themselves?


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